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Sciedu Press Emphases the Importance of Enhancing Communication among Research Organizations

Sciedu is a short form of ‘science and education’. The press is a scientific publishing house established on a private basis that publishes various kinds of research journals in the fields of medicine, management, social sciences, business, engineering, and science. Along with the journals, the press also publishes educational and scientific books. The mission of Sceidu Press is… Read More

Sciedu Press Became a Sustaining Supporter of

Sciedu is actually a shortened combination of ‘science’ and ‘education’. Sciedu Press is a private scientific publishing house, which specializes in publishing scholarly journals, and scientific and educational books. The journals cover a broad range of fields like management, business, engineering, science, medicine, and social sciences. Apart from the necessary publishing functions, Sciedu Press also sponsors research projects and… Read More

Sciedu Press Calls for Authors to Retain Copyright on Their Articles

Sciedu Press (Linkedin) is an open access publisher, boasting a vast variety of scholarly publications and journals in extensive fields such as Biology, Humanities and Economics. We aim to make the access of information easier, and through our journals, hope to facilitate advancements in various fields of study. We believe in a strong ethical code, where authors should… Read More

Sciedu Press Adopts New Policy for Journal Reviews

Sciedu Press (Linkedin) is a publication agency in Canada that publishes and promotions scientific research and education. The agency aims to disseminate scientific knowledge all over the world in the effort to raise maximum awareness in the field of research and education. Sciedu’s Reviewers Selection Policy Like many publishers, Sciedu has a double blind peer review policy. This… Read More

Sciedu Press: Launching International Journal of Diagnostic Imaging

A research publication agency in Canada, Sciedu Press (Linkedin) handles the promotion and publication of all scientific research and education. The goal is to spread and increase awareness of scientific knowledge all over the world. Their dedication and love for knowledge can be seen by their name Sciedu, which is an amalgamation of science and education. What… Read More

Accounting and Finance Research Published by Sciedu Press Gets Indexed in Econlit

Sciedu Press (Linkedin) fully understands the importance of scientific publishing. It presently specializes in scholarly journals, scientific publications and educational books in the areas of medicine, social sciences, engineering, business and management. In addition to delivering scientific publications to professionals across the globe, Sciedu Press promotes world-wide, barrier-free networks and cooperation in science, education, and culture.… Read More

How the Sciedu Press Protects Intellectual Property

Sciedu Press (Linkedin) is a Toronto-based scientific publishing house. It offers scholarly journals and books that cover a broad range of fields like sciences, education, social sciences, engineering and business. Through its publications, Sciedu Press aims at providing professionals with the latest research findings of their peers. That aside, the publisher also sponsors scientific research efforts and promote… Read More